Carbonless Books

Our Rediform Carbonless Books and Snap Sets enable you to easily create invoices, statements, delivery dockets and adjustments notes. Supplied as duplicate or triplicate books in small (212mm x 147mm... more ››

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Carbonless A4 Copy Paper

Our Carbonless Copy Paper is an excellent solution for your duplicate or triplicate copy needs, especially if you want to change the text printed on the forms regularly.... more ››

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Software specific continuous computer paper

For use in dot matrix (tractor feed) printers, our range of software specific continuous computer paper enables the user to quickly and efficiently print any type of invoice, statement, remittance adv... more ››

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CPO (plain continuous computer paper)

Continuous copy paper is a feed paper used in dot matrix (tractor feed) printers. At L.G. business Systems, our range of continuous computer paper enables the user to quickly and efficiently print any... more ››

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Pre-printed Business Forms

We have pre-printed business forms suitable for use with several software packages. These include the pre-formatted invoice, statement and remittance advice forms.... more ››

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A4 Perforated paper

Our A4 perforated paper is the same as standard A4 copy paper but has one or more perforations across each sheet. The paper can be inserted into a standard laser or inkjet printer or photocopier, and ... more ››

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Continuous pay envelopes

Our continuous pay envelopes can be used in all dot matrix printers and come as either a generic form that can be used with any software package, or as a software specific pay envelope that is pre-pri... more ››

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A4 laser pay envelopes

Our A4 laser pay envelopes are compatible with most accounting software packages including MYOB, Attache, Quicken and Rockfast, ensuring that your pay details are printed within the parameters of the... more ››

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Bond Paper Rolls

Bond paper rolls do not contain a chemical coating and feel much more like regular bond copy paper. These POS rolls come in 1, 2 and 3 ply for customers who need duplicate and triplicate copies, such... more ››

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Thermal Paper Rolls

Our range of Thermal POS rolls are made from a high-quality 57gsm paper and have a sensitive thermal coating. They feel quite smooth to touch and can be difficult to write on with a pen. The black... more ››

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