How do I contact you?
Why was my submission rejected?

The most common reasons for rejecting coupons are;

  1. Duplicates – Please check the coupon or code is not already listed before adding your submission.
  2. Referral codes – We do not accept referral codes or links.
  3. No promo code – We only accept coupons and promo codes. Not any other promotions.
How long does it take before my submission is reviewed?

Anywhere from a few minutes to 48 hours.

What is “max discount”?

Max discount refers to the maximum discount you can receive on an offer. i.e. eBay may offer 10% off, but a $100 max discount so even if you spend $2000, the maximum discount you would receive would be $100.

I run business, how can I list my coupons?

We offer a range of services to businesses to handle the submission process and further promote your coupon codes. Please get in touch. We’ll be happy to discuss.

Can I add affiliate tracking in a listing?

No. If you add tracking it will be removed or replaced.

Do you list coupons for international shopping sites?

Our audience focus is 100% Australian. If you find a coupon for a well known international site, that has reasonable shipping costs to Australia, please go ahead and list it.

I’ve found a great promotion that’s open to everyone, you don’t need a coupon. Should I share it?

Our primary focus is on coupons. Occasionally we’ll list really great promotions, but this is very rare, and usually for very well known sites.

If the promo is for a new site then we probably wouldn’t list it.

How should I format a listing?

Please check the site for examples.

Are all listings approved?

No. We manually approve the listings. If it’s a great offer, from a great site we will be sure to list it. If it’s not, we won’t.

How do I use a coupon code?

To use a coupon code, simply;

  1. Click on the code.
  2. Click “copy” or press code again to copy on mobile.
  3. Click “open site”.
  4. Paste the code in the box when you checkout when you are finished shopping.
  5. Click the up/down button to let other users now if the code worked for you.
How do I list a coupon?

If you have found a great coupon code, please let us know by completing the details on the share coupon page.

What is “Full priced only”?

Full priced only refers to coupons that are Min spend refers to full priced items. Items that are already on sale , 2 for 1 and similarly discounted are not usually available in these promotions.  Most sites will usually allow you to checkout with a mix of full priced and sale times, only applying the promo code to the applicable items, but we recommenced checking the discount has applied before you make a purchase.

What is “min spend”?

Min spend refers to the minimum you must spend in order to activate the promo code. These coupons will not work for purchases lower than the minimum spend amount. The amount usually refers to the total spend excluding shipping and other costs, but check the T&Cs to make sure.

What are “stackable” coupons?

Stackable coupons are promo codes that can be used with other offers. Typically these are a discount code working with a free shipping code, but they can also often be 2 discount working together.

The coupon didn’t work. What should I do?

If you find a coupon that does not work, please click the “report” link found under the coupon information. This will alert our admin team to the issue who will work with the merchant to test the coupon. Please remember to always check a coupon has worked as expected before completing your purchase. Coupns will not be held liable for coupon codes not working!

Do you accept coupons form all types of stores?

No, we do not accept coupons from:

  • Adult sites
  • Weapons sites
  • Gambling sites
  • SSL sites