Commenting on coupons

Our community is built on your feedback.

If you’ve managed to save some $’s using one of our coupons, please feel free to leave a comment. Even a simple “works” lets other users know that the coupon is still working.

Similarly if you find a coupon that doesn’t work, please let others know, or better still click the “problem” link under the coupon to quickly let the admins know about the issue.

We also welcome your comments on the deal itself. If you think it’s no good, please let us know in the comments, similarly if you think it’s great and you’d like to see similar coupons, let us know! We’ll use your feedback to bring you the best coupons Australia has to offer, including exclusive discounts only to be found on coupns!

We also ask you to keep comments relevant to the deal on offer. If your looking for a chat, head on over to our forum.